Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

how do i get this fixed on my emachine laptop?

ok i have an emachine e627 and the backspace key it the white pieces that are broke the ones that x where could i go to replace them or would it be easyer to buy a whole new keyboard or send it in for the warranty….

Send it out. Replacing the keyboard will void your warranty.

At the cost of a keyboard, I would simply buy another one. Replacing through warranty will get you a huge migraine and cost more than buying a new one, if they would replace it.

and toshiba tablet 2011

toshiba android tablet get I am looking for a laptop without a whole lot of extra trial software and a bunch of junk on it I don’t want. I want to have Word, Internet Explorer, and all the regular stuff, but no bells and whistles, just a plain laptop that doesn’t have a bunch of useless, memory-consuming junk on it.

I got mine at best buy for a pretty good deal.. Id go with a MAC or if you MUST have a PC, go HP.

So why do you want a emachine laptop?
I think they’re the worst regarding their pre-loaded junk stuff

Go here and build.

Your local box store. or google it. Emachine sucks by the way. Try best buy they have some good deals.

look honey, the first rule about getting a computer is never get one with an offbrand motherboard. the second rule is never get an emachine. what you want is a basic low level compaq, ordered online not purchased in a store. get the basic package. trust me this is what you want. you can email me if you want further advice, i do this sorta thing a lot

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